Our strategic counsel helps set the vision and framework to grow your brand presence and sales.

WingPoint is a boutique ecommerce agency with the experience to provide you the strategic counsel you need to win on Amazon

Strategic Insight and Counsel

Amazon is not just another retailer in your channel strategy. It has become the leading online research destination for consumer products.  Our approach to Amazon is to develop strategies for your brand on Amazon that influence both your online and offline sales.  We will help grow brand presence and sales on Amazon as part of broader multi-channel strategy.

Contract and Program Negotiation

Our team has deep experience in negotiating various retail program elements with Amazon.  Our approach to the process is to ensure our clients and Amazon negotiate a fair program that creates value for both parties.  This includes, but is not limited to, MDF/COOP, damage and freight allowances, in addition to ongoing marketing and merchandising programs.

Brand Protection

Channel management is imperative to protecting your brand integrity. We monitor your brand listings on Amazon and work directly with the appropriate Amazon teams on concerns involving your brand presence on the platform.  As part of our service, we monitor and engage un-authorized sellers of your products on Amazon.

Transitioning from Seller Central (3P) to Vendor Central (Retail)

Where applicable, we help facilitate the transition from a third party seller (Seller Central) to a direct retail relationship with Amazon (Vendor Central).  While selling through Seller Central can be a great start, vendors are limited in the types of marketing and merchandising programs they can access.  To maximize sales potential on Amazon we recommend vendors consider a direct retail relationship with Amazon.  There are potential pitfalls in this type of transition and we are experienced at guiding vendors through them, such as internal inventory transfer and page rank.