Don’t miss out on sales due to being overwhelmed with Amazon operations and logistics.

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Let us deal with the headaches of Amazon logistics

Inventory Management and Planning

Amazon operates on a just-in-time, demand driven weeks of supply inventory model.  We work with Amazon’s in-stock (inventory) team and your order management team to ensure we have accurate demand forecasts, high in-stock rates, and planned inventory availability for marketing campaigns we are launching on Amazon.  We also support our vendors on initiatives with Drop Ship, Direct Import, and Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certification. Benefits to having FFP certified items include additional merchandising and priority treatment for participating products.


Chargebacks are an unfortunate vendor reality with retailers and Amazon is no different. Amazon has a unique set of operational requirements for all vendors.  Failure to follow them can increase your chargeback exposure.  Our approach is to mitigate chargebacks by working directly with order management, operations, and customer service teams to ensure we are addressing the root cause and developing operational procedures to mitigate future chargebacks.

New Retail Initiatives

Amazon is constantly launching new retail initiatives to help improve the experience for both vendors and customers. These tend to be new innovative and differentiated features that improve customer service and selection.  There are currently several high profile initiatives underway at Amazon and we have experience with all of them and the different Amazon teams driving each.


Launchpad is a new store-within-a-store on Amazon featuring new cutting edge products from startups.  We can determine if your product is a qualified fit for Launchpad and engage Launchpad to get your product featured.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business was launched for B2B commerce.  It is only accessible to businesses and is a great place to feature any brands or products that are, or can be, targeted to commercial customers. For some vendors, it’s a new sales channel for their products.

Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry and Prime Now

Amazon is testing several different shipping options available in select markets. These may not make sense for every vendor, but we are experienced in working with all three platforms. We will guide you through the setup process with any/all of the above and guide you to the programs that make sense for your business.

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