Amazon account relationship management: An extension of your team and connected into Amazon.

Day-to-Day Amazon Account Management

Relationship Management

Our office is located close to the Amazon campus in Seattle.  We are in Amazon’s offices on a weekly basis, meeting with vendor management teams (buyers) and senior leadership.  Relationships are an important element of doing business with Amazon and its key toward retail execution.  Our team has over 15 years of retail experience and we are all former Amazonians that speak the language, know how to engage teams in Amazon, and navigate the organization.

Vendor Central, Vendor Central Express, Seller Central

A large portion of our operational time is spent in Amazon’s Vendor Central, Vendor Central Express, and Seller Central portals.  As a new vendor, we work with you to determine which portal(s) will best serve your needs given your channel and product line strategy.   If you are an existing vendor, we can assist you, or even jump into an account management role immediately given our expertise.

Sales and Metric Reporting

We work with our clients reporting requirements to tailor weekly or monthly reporting that includes standard sales reporting and Amazon operational metrics.

New Item Setup and Optimization

Setting up new items at Amazon can be a daunting task and it must be done correctly and optimized for SEO.  Our team has years of experience with Amazon’s A9 search algorithm and we prescriptively approach the new item setup (NIS) process with the intent of maximizing SEO on Amazon.  Our team will also provide guidance on developing image style guides for Amazon that can lead to higher conversion rates on your detail pages.

Profitability Issues

Amazon is a price aggregator and will always reflect the best price in the market to their customers.   This can result in margin compressions to Amazon and contacts to the vendor for margin support. We are very experienced in addressing these issues and finding a win-win solution for our vendors and Amazon.

Andon Cords and Other Issues

Amazon is hyper focused on the customer experience and customer feedback.  Andon Cords are a by-product of this focus and may also be caused by new item setup issues.  We have a great deal of experience in addressing Andon Cords for our vendors and resolving them quickly.

Our Engagement Style

Our approach with all our clients is to serve as a direct extension of your team that comes with deep Amazon expertise.  Our typical engagement involves us working closely with your sales, marketing, fulfillment operations, product management, and customer service teams.  We’re not your typical Rep Firm.

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